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Teak Wood Estate

Teakwood Plantation, Area of 5 Ha, Garut Regency, West Java
07/06/2020 141
Teak plantation, located in Kecamatan Peundeuy, Kabupaten Garut, Jawa Barat, 67km south of Kota Garut, on privately owned land at 550-650 MASL (metric above sea level).

For Sale Teak Wood Plantation with Area of 25 Hectares in Karawang, West Java
07/06/2020 165
Teak wood plantation for sale in Karawang, 25 hectares owned by PT. Yudhataruna. 28,000 planted trees in the last 9 years. Certificate of listing rights available for every 2 hectares.

For Sale Teak Wood Plantation with Area of 330 Hectares in Purwakarta, West Java
07/06/2020 157
Teak wood plantation is a private company engaged in the management of teak wood. In 2007, the company holds a license from the local government Purwakarta to be able to manage an area of + 350 ha.