Most of today’s Indonesian and Malaysian palm oil estates use traditional methods of data collection.

Reporting takes weeks or months to produce so decisions are reactive instead of proactive. eKomoditi has developed an easy to use Android application that plantations can use more efficiently.

Electronic Plantation Control System (ePCS) is an operations management software implemented in palm oil plantations aimed at increasing the amount of data available plantations.

Palm oil sustainability starts with managing existing plantations at peak efficiency. Workers benefit from this system as all working hours, performance, and holiday is recorded into a database.

Plantations can make sure labor laws are being followed. With commitment to transparency, compliance to laws and regulations, and continuous improvement at the foundation of sustainability, eKomoditi can assist plantations reach their goals.

Benefits for plantations: Labor Fraud Monitoring, Harvesting Quality Control, Same Day Reporting, Traceability and Audit and Budgeting and Forecasting Capability

Data that is collected: Harvester Information, Production and Yield, GPS / GPS Coordinates, Satellite Time Stamps, Material Usage and Transportation

Keywords: Prevent Ghost Worker, Monitoring Leftover Fruit, Control- Materials Usage, Anticipate Delay Report, Bunches Sorting, Tracking Coordinate, Business Intelligence Report