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For Sale Palm Oil And Rubber Plantations with Area of 4,200 Hectares in Kelantan, Malaysia

08 Februari 2022622 Readers

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The company has an estate of 10,526 acres in size. The Estate is along Gua Musang and Kuala Krai, Kelantan main road. It is about 65 Km from Gua Musang and 55 Km from Kuala Krai. The land tenure is for 50 years with the option to extend the land tenure annually.

The Estate is at the moment designated as Forest Reserve where it has been agreed by the State Authority that 30% of the land be planted with oil palm and balance 70% be planted with Timber Latex Clone rubber trees under the Concession Agreement dated 3/5/2006.

There is no ownership restriction and 100% of the company can be owned by any person including foreigners. 

Out of the 10,526 acres of the Estate, about 7,000 acres have been developed. Out of these 7,000 acres, about 2,800 acres have been planted with oil palms ranging from 3 years to 9 years old and another 4,200 acres have been planted with Latex Timber Clone rubber trees ranging from 3 years to 9 years old.

About 2,100 acres of the oil palm area have started production and about 1,800 acres of matured LTC rubber trees are being tapped or can be tapped

The Property / Estate has an electricity supply from Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) and there is a TNB substation in the Property / Estate. The Senior Management houses and the office have air conditioning. The Property / Estate has also pipe water supply from an underground source.

The Property / Estate was not affected by the worse flood in Kelantan in 2014 and was not affected by any other flood.

Road access to Property / Estate is very good and is accessible even with a saloon car.

The internal road system in the Estate is also good with 3 concrete bridges having been built across rivers in the Estate so that the whole Estate is connected and accessible.

4 Semi-Detached houses, 8 terrace houses, and 4 units of resort-like cluster houses (able to accommodate 120 workers) have been constructed to ensure the accommodation of workers is fully met. There is also an office block, a canteen, a storehouse, a workshop, and a 3-storey bird nest swiftlet building.

  • Location in Kelantan, Malaysia
  • Total Area ± 4,200 Ha. (± 10,500 Acres)
  • Certified Sustainable : MSPO
  • License : Yes
  • Accesible by Road
  • Distance to Nearest City ± 55 Km (Kuala Krai) or ± 65 Km (Gua Musang)
  • Mills Facilities : No
  • Inspected by Agency : Yes
  • Ready to Tour : Yes
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