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For Sale Teak Wood Plantation with Area of 25 Hectares in Karawang, West Java

07 Juni 20201.429 Readers

Pictures shown here are as per actual condition
Disclaimer :
This listing is no longer active, for updated information please contact our marketing team
Teak wood plantation for sale in Karawang, 25 hectares owned by PT. Yudhataruna. 28,000 planted trees in the last 9 years. Certificate of listing rights available for every 2 hectares.
  • Location in Karawang, West Java
  • Total Area ± 25 Hectares
  • Certified Sustainable : No
  • License : Yes
  • Land Holding Type : HM
  • Accesible by Road
  • Distance to Nearest City ± 25 Km
  • Mills Facilities : No
  • Inspected by Agency : Yes
  • Ready to Tour : Yes
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