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For Sale Palm Oil Plantation with Area of 1,300 Hectares in Bengkulu, Sumatra

12 Juni 20202.944 Readers

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The listing has been sold by our marketing team and is no longer active in our database
Plantation located in Bengkulu Province with a total HGU (inti) of ± 1,000 Hectares and ± 2,000 Hectares as Plasma. Location is about 30 kilometera away from Manna town and is well connected with asphalt road.

Total planted area : 988 Ha (948 Ha inti ± 40 Ha Plasma).

In the year 2011, they get land permit for ± 4,500 Hectares. in April 2012 under moratorium scheme announce by GOI, area of abour ± 900 Hectares forestary area. So, net area available for planting reduce to ± 3,600 Hectares, then out of this ± 3,600 Ha they select ± 1,040 Ha, pay compensation to local farmers and got HGU and IUP.

  • Location in Bengkulu, Sumatra
  • Total Area ± 1,300 Ha.
  • Certified Sustainable : No
  • License : Yes
  • Land Holding Type : HGU
  • Accesible by Road
  • Distance to Nearest City ± 30 Km.
  • Mills Facilities : No
  • Inspected by Agency : Yes
  • Ready to Tour : Yes
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